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3 Tips to Avoid Injuries While Enjoying Summer Sports

Summer is here and many people are eager to get outside. The pandemic restrictions and limitations have been challenging throughout the winter and the warmer weather presents an opportunity to get outside and safely participate in more activities. That means it’s time for summer sports like golf, biking, sports leagues, and water sports. While outdoor activities are fun and getting active is good for your health, injuries can occur while participating in these activities.

We can try to avoid injuries, but accidents happen and when they do, DASH Supplemental has got you covered for even the most minor injuries. Here are some tips to help avoid injuries while enjoying summer sports.

1) Warm up

The warm temperatures outside may make you think you can skip warming up and get right into your summer sport but preparing your muscles with a warmup is critical for injury prevention. Get your blood flowing and your muscles moving with some dynamic stretching and mobility exercises before you begin. Priming your body before physical activity will have you ready to perform and limit the chance of injury.

2) Stay active year round

If you only participate in summer sports and don’t get active during the rest of the year, you may be at higher risk of injury. In Alberta, summer sports occur for only a fraction of the year and shouldn’t be the only time you are physically active. Taking care of your body and staying mobile all year will keep you limber and healthy to take on you summer sports. Not moving for the majority of the year will have your muscles weak and your bones stiff, so when you go to begin summer activities you will be more likely to face an injury. The cold winter months make some physical activity challenging, but here are a few ways to get active regardless of the season:

Go for A Walk

You can go for a walk in any season. In the colder months, bundle up and walk around your neighbourhood or head to a mall and do some laps. Walking is a great way to stay active without straining yourself. If you put in some headphones and listen to your favourite playlist or podcast and you might just forget you’re even exercising!

Join a Gym or Fitness Club

Signing up for a membership at a gym or fitness club is another great way to stay active all year long. Fitness centres allow you to access equipment that will make winter fitness easier. Some gyms even offer fitness classes where you can follow an instructor and workout with a group.

Take the Stairs

A simple way to stay active all year is to make small changes that force you to get active. This could be parking farther away in the parking lot, so you have to walk a further distance to the store or always taking the stair instead of the elevator. Small changes add up and once it is time for summer sports, your body will notice the difference.

3) Wear the right gear

You may be excited to get active in your favourite summer sport, but don’t forget to wear the appropriate gear to protect your body. This may be a helmet, mouth guard, life jacket, or other protective gear that could be the difference between getting injured or not. Wearing the right gear is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from injuries. In the event of a fall or collision during your summer activity, having protective gear might be the thing that saves you.

Accidents can happen no matter how cautious you are, and DASH has coverage for you when they do. DASH provides supplemental insurance plans at low costs that are specifically tailored to your situation. Unexpected injuries can happen, and supplemental insurance covers you for injuries from stitches to concussions, so you are always protected.

Don’t be afraid to stop living. Enjoy your summer sports worry free with DASH Supplemental insurance coverage. Contact us today to find a plan for you.


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