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Why Personal Injury and Accident Coverage is a Must Have Insurance Package.

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Personal injury and accident coverage

Personal injury and accident coverage provides a cash payment to you or your beneficiary in the event you are involved in a serious accident or injury.

  • Personal injury and accident coverage is for a wide range of accidental injuries, even those from recreational activities and occupational incidences.

  • The money can be used to cover any of your finances such as mortgage payment or rent payments, pay bills, or for other financial responsibilities without restriction.

  • The payment comes and can be used in any way you seem necessary.

Who is it for?

Generally speaking, it’s for people who do not have coverage through work or are looking to increase their existing coverage.

For example:

  • If you’re in the oil industry or trades and have accident coverage through work, would it still cover you if you have an accident while skiing in the mountains? Personal injury and accident coverage will.

  • Do you love mountain Biking, rock climbing or skydiving? Personal injury and accident coverage will provide extra protection against the risks associated with an active lifestyle.

  • Personal injury and accident coverage pays a lump sum, so it can help alleviate stress and poor financial situations when you only have limited or short-term coverage on other policies.

  • If you love to travel, Personal injury and accident coverage has you covered whether you’re on the move by car, plane or train! It’s also great for those who don’t drive, but are frequent passengers in other people’s vehicles.

How is Personal Injury and accident coverage different from other policies?

  • Disability Insurance pays out in instalments, based on a percentage of your income

  • Life Insurance includes coverage for death from illness, but Personal Accident Coverage does not.

  • Personal Accident and Injury Covers you for the NOW!

What are the advantages of Personal Injury and accident coverage?

  • Any occupation is guaranteed coverage, no medical exam or health questions required.

  • Your premiums never increase due to your age, or based on your lifestyle and activities.

  • Your premium will never increase because a claim is made.

Inexpensive Peace of Mind, 24/7

Our Injury and accident coverage plans protect you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere in the world.

There is no limit on the number of claims you can submit, and we cover any occupation, sport, hobby or activity, any time. Everyone qualifies!

Give us a call or text 780-951-0701 or email

for a free assessment.


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