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Why Supplemental Insurance Coverage is the Choice for Commissioned Professionals

There are countless ways in which people work today: no two jobs are exactly the same. Not only that, but there are many different ways that people can get paid as well, from standard salaries to commissioned roles, and everything in-between.

For those who work as commissioned professionals, you know how important making every appointment, consultation, or sale can be. That’s why when accidents, illness, or injury strikes and you are unable to work, this can put a big wrench in how you are able to pay your everyday expenses and protect your standard of living.

That’s where supplemental insurance protection from DASH can come in, giving you peace of mind that your way of life won’t be jeopardized when the unexpected occurs. Do you need just a couple of days covered while ill with the flu? How about needing to stay in the hospital for a longer-term recovery period? DASH has your back, so you can rest fully without the added stress of worrying about all those deals you may not be signing while recovering.

The best part? There are no waiting periods, which makes this supplemental coverage perfect for professionals who rely on making every consultation count.

Not only that, but your premiums never increase, regardless of the number of claims you make. Furthermore, no income verification is required at your time of claim, which helps when working in an industry where your income can vary from month-to-month depending on when peak periods occur.

The DASH Supplemental team is well-versed in working with people who work as commissioned professionals, and we are passionate about finding you the best protection for the way you live. From retail professionals and sales associates, to realtors and mortgage brokers, supplemental insurance coverage is a no-brainer.

DASH Supplemental is ready to help you cover your best asset: YOU.

Give us a call or text at 780-951-0701, or email to learn more about your options today.


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