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3 Accidents That You Can Be Covered For

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Picture this… you’re outside in a park enjoying the night with your friends. You are very invested in the story that you are telling and accidentally punch yourself in the face, which results in a broken jaw. Or that moment when you are doing what seems like 20 things at once and put one of your oven gloves on and take out the cookies with the other. These stories can be seemingly the absolute best party story ever, but the costs that can be associated with these unexpected changes can be an extremely stressful situation for someone who is recovering.

At DASH Supplemental, we understand that accidents can happen in any situation and want to provide you with coverage for your best asset… you! You deserve coverage for even the most minor of your injuries, because no matter what, it still does have a drastic impact on how you function on a day-to-day basis. Today we are looking at 3 accidents or injuries that our clients have been covered for!

1. No Funny Business Here

When a taxi driver slipped on ice and broke her funny bone, she was unable to work for a few weeks in order to recover. Although the funny bone is not a injury that we here at DASH typically see, we were able to help her receive

$1,400 through our Accident Hospitalization Program in addition to any other coverage he had. After a few weeks of hard-earned rest, this DASH client was back on the job and cruising around Edmonton stress-free!

2. Student Snowboarding Trip Gone Wrong

The sun is out and the snow powder is perfect: and you and your friends are heading to the mountains for a fun-filled day shredding the snow. Once you make it to the top of the black diamond you forget one crucial detail… This is your first run down a mountain in years! Instead of skiing down in the typical pattern, you decide that going down the hill in the classic “pizza” position is perfect. One massive hospital trip later, our DASH client was able to claim $4,200 for the fracture.

3. Now This Injury is Personal… (No Pun Intended)

A DASH client who works as a personal trainer got into a car accident and suffered whiplash as a result of the impact. Although whiplash can be seen by some insurance companies as a very minor injury, this DASH client was not able to work until they recovered. Through our Accident Disability program, this client was able to get $3800, again on top of any other insurance they had. Instead of worrying about having to cancel private training appointments with their own clients, they were able to have a sound peace of mind knowing that they were not losing their one source of stable income.

Don’t let these unexpected injuries prevent you from taking risks and living your life to the fullest. Although we can sometimes not predict when these unexpected injuries can happen, feel confident that you will be protected and covered with DASH. Want to get started? Contact us today to find a plan for you.

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