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3 Steps to Put Yourself First This Winter

Let’s face it, these past few years have been a lot. We have probably faced many different times in our lives where we’ve put other people’s feelings first. Sometimes putting others first is what we needed to do to better the situation, but other times we’re forgetting about ourselves, when really we need to be selfish and prioritize our personal health and happiness as the ultimate number one. In the winter, we can also often be so focused on pouring love into others that we forget to send some love back to ourselves.

Honestly, prioritizing yourself and making sure that your mental and physical health is at a healthy place is easier said than done. There are times where all we want to do is bundle up on the couch, vege out and binge watch a Netflix show (which is a total form of self care by the way), and there are other times where you want to get out to that 6am spin class with your friends. Putting your feelings and learning to read your body language at the forefront, setting boundaries and doing what will personally benefit you can leave us feeling guilty, and neglectful to others that we’ve left behind, but is so important on your self-care journey.

The team at DASH has put our brains together and have come up with three simple ways to put yourself first this winter. Take a look below:

1. Express Yourself!

Did you know that increased and built-up stress and holding in your emotions can lead to burnout, feelings of exhaustion and extreme fatigue? When you feel as if you are in an endless cycle of the work grind it can be hard to feel like you can break out of it without impacting your professional life. Being able to express your emotions by talking to a friend, family member, or other person you trust, can provide a great avenue to relieve stress and talk through your day!

2. Set Boundaries.

Okay, we admit, this step is way easier said than done. If you have a hard time setting boundaries in any aspect of your life we recommend that you think about your beliefs, hold your morals high and never settle for less. More often than not, it’s easy to brush off “normal” behaviors that don’t align with your moral compass under the carpet because the person is a coworker, friend or family member, but doing this can compromise who you are and all that you stand for! Even though it can be hard in some situations we encourage you to stay strong and set boundaries: make sure to speak up when you feel uncomfortable or when words or actions offend you. Set your own boundaries and stick to them, and don’t always feel like you have to compromise your values for others.

3. Take Some Time for Personal Self Care!

Often, women typically indulge in self care, but news flash… It's for men too! Self care does not always have to mean the stereotypical bubble bath with wine and candles. Taking time out of your busy schedule to relax, read, listen to music, take a bath, go for a walk or do whatever relaxes you is key to making sure that you are in the self care mindset.

No matter what you need, the DASH team is here to help you live your life the happiest that you can be. Contact us today to find a stress-free and personalized plan for you.


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