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Why We are Called Insurances Best Kept Secret

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Have you ever experienced the feeling of a pit in your stomach because of an unexpected illness or injury?

It’s like our normal life has suddenly been violated, and our minds try to go into the self defence mechanism mode.

We try and convince ourselves that “this really isn’t happening to me right now!”

Then comes the sobering reality of “OH bleep” this just happened!!

We recognize that we have a few options at this moment to keep things running smoothly as you mend your injury or illness:

1. We can live off of our savings, and deplete extra monies we’ve saved up for a rainy day

2. Somehow try and go to work, whether handicapped or in pain

3. Increase Debt by borrowing money from a bank, family member or friend.

We truly hope you have been fortunate enough to NEVER feel that devastating feeling, and never do!

Let us explain what we do, and why we do what we do.

We all start with a beginning date and we have an unknown final date. In between those two dates are a DASH. Although we cannot predict how the cards will be dealt in our hand of life, we can do our best to have quality of life while we’re here. We want people to have the opportunity to have a “proactive” life as opposed to a “reactive” life when it comes to these unforeseen circumstances.

The solution the DASH Supplement provides, is a Proactive approach to the Accidents and Illnesses that do not happen on purpose.

We have helped countless families and individuals experience financial ease as they deal with the unexpected and unfortunate things life sometimes throws our way.

In this day and age, who doesn’t have financial obligations? Do you have family members that are dependent on you and your financial contribution every month?

Do you have employees that are looked after in the event you can’t be at your business for a bit?

Most people’s reality in Canada is that they can’t live comfortably for more than a couple months without their full income coming in. Are you protecting your greatest asset, YOU?

DASH Covers you for the NOW.

For real life incidents or illness, so you can set your mind at ease and really focus on what's important... getting well. We are the only company that covers a fetus in the womb, an individual, children or an entire family whether you have 1 or 10 children, at actual affordable rates.

DO NOT MISS THIS….No increasing rates or cancelling your policy after a claim and the most amazing claim to fame, which is unheard of in this industry, is that we pay DAY ONE !!

You can live your life, your dash, with peace of mind.

If there is a hiccup or mishap on your journey, you take it in stride, deal with it and go back to living your life on your terms.

Do you know how many thank you’s we hear?

Not just that it's more smiles, more time for family and less stress on our clients when it counts.

A Lot of people we meet always say the same two things

The most common remarks we hear regularly are:



A great thing about being Canada’s best kept secret is it allows us to provide a huge range of coverage that are fair and cost effective most of which are not on a term.

Knowledge is power and is free. Change your paradigm with reality.

Insurance coverage IS affordable and we got your back!

We have hundreds of stories to validate us.


Give me a call or text 780-951-0701 or email

for a free assessment.


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