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Seven Safety Tips For Your Spring Cleaning

Do you feel like it’s time for a refresh, and are looking to do some cleaning of your home? Tis the season for some Spring cleaning!

This can be a very cathartic experience, reduce your stress, and give you a new and reinvigorated feeling to your home. But as always, there is a right and wrong way to do things in order to reduce risks and stay safe in any activity.

We have compiled a short list of safety tips when cleaning your home, to keep you healthy and reduce your risk of accidents and injury. They may seem like no-brainers, but we think it’s never a bad time for a reminder or two.

  1. Clear the space: make sure loose items like toys, supplies, and other obstacles are out of the way for you to begin cleaning, to reduce your risk of tripping and falling. If your floors are going to become wet surfaces, this is all the more important.

  2. Wear gloves when working with chemicals: this will help you to avoid contact with any corrosive materials that may be harmful to your skin.

  3. Do not mix cleaning supplies: you may think that by combining supplies you are getting the best of both worlds, but the truth is that many mixtures can create toxic gases and new compounds which are dangerous when inhaled or touched.

  4. Read the instructions: know how to properly use your cleaning supplies by following all directions. If it says to dilute your mixture before using, be sure to do so!

  5. Protect your eyes and lungs from dust: do you know that a particular area you are going to be cleaning is filled with dust, dirt, or other sediments that are likely to enter the air when disturbed? Consider wearing a face mask to protect yourself from breathing in particles, or goggles to help when larger pieces may come at your eyes.

  6. Ventilate rooms before starting: speaking of chemical fumes and high-volumes of dust, make sure you ventilate the area you are cleaning before you start, to keep you breathing well and protect yourself from harmful substances in your lungs.

  7. Change out soft cloths and sponges frequently: when your cleaning cloths, sponges, and even mop heads start to get dirty, consider giving them a wash too, or changing them out for new ones to make sure bacteria, mildew, and other nasty substances aren’t building up and being spread around by the soft fibres.

  8. Use proper climbing equipment: when you need to reach a high surface, it may be tempting to just clamber on top of a couch or counter to get there. Consider, instead, using a proper ladder or step-stool, so you can keep your footing and reduce your risk of injury from falls.

These are just a few tips you can use when tackling your Spring, Summer, Fall, or even Winter cleaning projects around the house! And of course, should you ever experience an illness or injury while trying to spruce up your home, the DASH team has your back and has you covered.

DASH Supplemental is ready to help you cover your best asset: YOU.

Give us a call or text at 780-951-0701, or email to learn more about your options today.


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