Supplemental Insurance - What if Halsey Had DASH Coverage When She Injured Her Foot?

If you work in a physically demanding industry like the trades, sports, or performing arts such as dancing, you are well aware of the risks involved, and are conscious of common injuries and how they may affect your work. But life often throws us curve balls when we least expect them.

Such is the case of the singer Halsey, who fractured her ankle in May 2020 when she tripped while unloading the dishwasher at home!

Not only that, but while suffering from this accident, she also broke two toes on the other foot. Ouch!

This isn’t the first time Halsey has suffered an injury to her feet; she also broke her foot while performing at the Miami Jingle Ball in 2017. Not only that, but in 2019 the star broke her toe while attempting to save the life of a butterfly. For a musician like Halsey, having a leg or foot injury makes it difficult to perform on stage, and for someone who relies on putting on shows or frequent gig-work, this could spell disaster for their way of life, potentially resulting in a return to work before fully recovered.

When accidents and injury happen, the bills from hospitalization, care, and recovery can pile up. And if you are unable to work while you are recovering, this can cause a lot of stress and worry about how you are going to pay your monthly bills. Do you dip into your savings and jeopardize your standard of living?

This is where having an accident insurance plan comes in. At DASH, our accident insurance plans cover monthly bill payments after accidents causing injury, while our hospitalization insurance will look after any unexpected bills from hospitalization treatment, no matter what time of day this is needed.

But what if your injury takes longer than expected to heal? Our disability coverage makes sure you can take the time you need to fully recover to your pre-injured self, so you don’t feel pressured to go back to work before you are ready, creating the potential for further injury.

So what might an injury like Halsey’s look like when it comes to DASH’s coverage? With a plan from DASH Supplemental Insurance, Halsey would have received $8,200 for her accident based on a 2 month recovery period, with an additional $2,000 per month paid for every month she needed to recover. The best part? This plan is affordable, costing only $4.87 per day for accident coverage. Plus, if you experience frequent injuries due to your occupation, sports, hobbies, or mere accidents like Halsey and her multiple foot injuries, there is no limit to the number of claims you can make. You aren’t just our client for a term, but our client for life.

The team at DASH knows what it’s like to experience unexpected accidents and injuries, and are proud to work with DASH Supplemental to give you peace of mind with your insurance coverage.

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